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To train a dog to open the toy start by placing a treat with it fully open.  Once your dog has got the idea of where the treat is, then gradually start to close it. Firstly one side only, then gently close all the sides. Once your dog is proficient at opening their toy you can use it for playtime and training.

Dogs that aren’t particularly into toys will see their special Fido toy as a source of yummy treats and get very excited. Toy motivated dogs often show calmer, less manic, behaviour with their Fido toy as it has a different association than normal tuggies and chase toys.


Treat toys can be incorporated into day to day life and can be used to encourage recall and to get their attention away form distractions. 


They can be used for training purposes for example Heelwork training, forward focus in agility or encouraging a retrieve. 

Scent Work 

Our customers have had excellent results in using treat toys for scent work and training a wait. 


Our Furry Tuggies are super for Flyball and of course the Long Tuggies are excellent at engaging puppies to play whilst keeping your hands away from their sharp puppy teeth! 

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